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Green Star Pro Commercial Juicer GS-P502-B
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Green Star Pro GS-P502-B
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Free $39.99 Retail Value Book
Included with the order of all New Slowstar and Green Star Juicers
Free Book with Purchase
Live Food, Live Bodies by Jay & Linda Kordich. Jay  was was known as the Juiceman in the 1990s.  He got John, the owner of discountjuicers juicing and eating healthy back in the mid 90's.

In this 200+ page book, you will learn how to start juicing with a 3 day juice detox cleanse, the Juiceman's Favorite Juice recipes, and over a dozen other juice recipes along with almost 100 healthy recipes so you can eat more plant based foods and so much more.

This is the guide book you need to make healthy lifestyle changes you deserve in 2021 and beyond.

The all-new Green Star Professional Juicer was designed for use for professionals.  It has commercial electric certification and commercial ETL Sanitation Certification (Equivalent to NSF). 

If you are looking for a juicer for professional use, or just professional quality for your home, look no further than the Green Star Pro Juicer.  This juicer is the latest twin gear juicer that extracts more yield and more nutrition than other slow juicer we sell in our tests.

The manufacture is so confident that this will be the last juicer you will purchase for your home, that this juicer boasts the longest warranty in the juicing industry for home use: 15 years. (3 years for commercial use).

Just look at some of the features on the Green Star Pro Commercial Juicer:

100% All Stainless Steel Gears Green Star Pro All Stainless Steel Gears
This is the first Green Star Juicer to include 100% stainless steel gears.  Previous models were made with stainless steel and plastic that are not as durable as the 100% stainless steel gears. 

Exclusive Bioceramic Technology Green Star Pro Bioceramic and Magnetic Technology
The only juicer to use bioceramic and magnetic technology that creates juice that is of exceptional nutritional quality and delays oxidation - allowing your juice to remain fresh longer.

More Cutting Points Green Star Pro More cutting points
Allows for more efficient juicing and prevents clogging that may occur when juicing stringy vegetables such as celery. 

Pocket Recesses Green Star Pro - pocket recesses
Aids in processing harder vegetables and reduces overall strain on the motor.

Heavy Duty Motor with Cooling Fan Green Star Pro Heavy duty motor with cooling fan
The all new efficient heavy duty motor with built in cooling fan allows you to juice for 30 minutes continuous use without stopping.  The cooling fan helps keesp the motor cool so it will last longer. 

Built-in Pusher HolsterGreen Star Pro Built in Plunger Handle
The new pusher holster allows you to keep the pusher within arms reach so you are ready to juice any time of day or night.  

Commercial Certified Green Star Pro Commercial Certified
 Unlike all other Green Star Juicers this model is certified for commercial use with commercial electric certification and has commercial ETL sanitation which is equivelent to NSF certification.  

Very high juice yield
Hard to believe, but the Green Star Pro has the highest juice yield
on carrots and other root vegetables of all the juicers we offer.

New design
The Green Star Pro Juicer not only creates heavenly delicious and healthy freshly pressed juice, but the design also meets the aesthetic demands of modern households.

Easier handling!
No more knobs! You simply fasten the twin gear housing using a latch. This simplifies the cleaning!

More possibilities for use because of more standard accessories
To enable you to prepare a variety of delicacies right away.

And because cleanliness is an important topic, a drip tray is included – to keep drips from falling onto your countertop.

Oxygen isn’t mixed in!
By juicing with powerful but slowly turning precision twin gears, there is only minimal heat generation in the juice, thus delaying oxidation.

We are a tribest Authorized Dealer is an Authorized Dealer for all Tribest products.  Tribest products purchased from an authorized retailer includes FULL warranty protection (15 Years for Home Use on the Greenstar Pro). Purchases from a non-authorized retailer may NOT be eligible for warranty protection.   Be sure to purchase from a known Authorized Retailer to ensure your warranty protection benefit.

Slow  Speed Extraction 
With only 110 RPM’s, the conical twin gears turn into one another like gear wheels and gently extract the healthiest juices. The highly sensitive enzymes and valuable vitamins are preserved in the juice during this process.

Triple-Stage Twin Gear Juicer
The Green Star Pro Twin Gear Juicer is the next generation of household juicers. The twin gears are now larger in size and add a new state of the art extraction  stage. While the original Green Star had two juicing stages (steps 1 and 3 below), the Green Star Elite now has the following three juicing stages:

Stage 1: Crushing Stage - As the produce enters the stainless steel portion of the twin   gears, crushing and mastication occurs. This process breaks apart the cell membranes in the produce so that juice can be extracted.

Stage 2: Mixing & Rubbing Stage – A New Patent Pending feature! Upon passing the
stainless steel area, the produce passes through the first half of the acetal screw and   the produce is mixed and rubbed together so the cell membranes can be easily opened.  This is a revolutionary process only available with the Green Star Elite's Jumbo Twin Gears.

Stage 3: Squeezing Stage - The second half of the acetal screw applies extra pressure on the produce and further increases the number of opened cell membranes.

More minerals in optimal bioavailability!
Bio-magnets have been integrated into the Green Star  Pro Juicer’s conical twin gears to optimize the juice quality. They "pull" more minerals into the juice while increasing the minerals’ bioavailability. This means that your body can more effectively absorb and utilize the dissolved minerals.

More than just a juicer
Not only juicing, but also homogenizing fresh or frozen fruit (sorbets) is extremely simple with your Green Star Pro Juicer.

Special Features of the all-new Green Star Pro:

  • All Green Star Pro components such as the twin gear housing and outlet casing are now lighter in weight than its predecessors. The GSP's juicing parts are also now made heat resistant and can now be used in dishwashers!
  • Cleaning up the Green Star Pro is now much easier due to the 'latch system' which makes cleaning and assembly quick and simple.
  • Using the GSP is now even safer because of the 'safety switch system' which disables operation unless the machine is fully assembled. The result is the elimination of chances to touch the moving parts. The top cover of the GSP must be removed to gain access to the moving parts and once lifted, the machine automatically shuts off!
  • Using different plug types has been simplified in the GSP due to its new detachable power cord.


  • 110 RPM
  • 30 Minute Duty Cycle
  • SUPER HD Gears- 1 inch longer than the standard HD gears on the Green Star Juicer.
  • Dual stainless steel twin gears with internal magnets
  • ETL Sanitation Certified (Equivalent to NSF)
  • Warranty: 15 years for home use
  • 3 year warranty for commercial use
  • Size: 18.25" x 12.5" x 6.88"
  • Weight: 26.6 pounds
  • Gear Length =  about 7" long
  • 120 Volts
  • 165 Watts 

What's Included:

  • Green Star Pro Juicer
  • Small Hole Juicing Screen
  • Coarse Juicing Screen
  • Homogenizing (Blank) Screen
  • Breadstick Screen
  • 100% Stainless Steel Gears
  • Glass Pitcher
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Screen Scraping Tool
  • Outlet Adjusting Knob
  • Breadstick Knob
  • Plastic Plunger
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Drip Tray
  • Safety Tray Lid
  • Instruction Manual

Green Star Pro Included Parts

Green Star Pro Logo

Customer Reviews of this Product
Really Pleased! November 21, 2018
4 Stars Overall February 26, 2019
bad bearing March 30, 2019
Very Pleased August 31, 2019
Not good for greens January 3, 2021

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