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Sedona Express 11 Tray Dehydrator SD-6780 with Stainless Steel Trays and Stainless Steel Drip Tray
(Click here for Sedona Express SD-6280 with BPA-FREE Trays)
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Sedona Express SD-6780 11 Tray Dehydrator
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With the advanced Tribest Sedona Express Food Dehydrator, you can enjoy the benefits of efficiently and conveniently dehydrating your favorite fruits, vegetables, and meats, utilizing the latest in digital dehydration technology and the revolutionary Two-Stage Temperature-Timer (TST) feature.  From apples to zucchini, breads to pates, to crackers and your favorite jerky recipes, you can set Sedona Express to meet all your dehydrating needs.

The Tribest Sedona Express includes the latest innovation: the Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST)  The TST allows you to easily set the Tribest Sedona Express to start at a higher temperature, to kick-star the dehydration process.  Then it automatically switches to a lower temperature to finish off the job without raising the temperature of the food above the desired level.  The TST decrease the amount of time it takes to dehydrate your favorite recipes without all the hassle.

Sedona Express  Dehydrator Control Panel

The Tribest Sedona Express is the most advanced solution to dehydration today - offering you all the options you require to make the dehydration process as simple and as convenient as possible.  With the Tribest Sedona Express, you have complete control over setting the timer up to 99 hours or switching to continuous mode for up to 120 hours of worry-free uninterrupted operation. 

Sedona Express Compact DesignThe new compact design of the Tribest Sedona Express utilizes a central single-fan heating mechanism, so that the heated air is evenly circulated and distributed for uniform dehydration of your foods.  Now you can dehydrate up to 11 trays of your favorite recipes using  the stainless steel trays.

The Tribest Sedona Express also offers you a convenient way to monitor your foods with a see thought glass window at the front of the unit.  As an added convenience, there is an internal LED light that switches on when you open the glass door to check on the dehydration process.

With the Sedona Express dehydrator, you can be confident that the temperature you set on the digital control panel is the temperature that is maintained inside the dehydrator because it microprocessor controlled.

Improvements on the Sedona Express:

The Sedona Express Stainless Steel TrayImproved Tray Design
The Sedona Express 6780 is the first dehydrator that have stainless steel trays with the best airflow of all sedona dehydrators. 

The Sedona Express  includes a stainless steel drip tray to make cleanup a breeze.Included Drip Tray
The Sedona Express 6780 includes a newly designed stainless steel drip/catch tray that will contain any drips or crumbs that may fall to the bottom of the dehydrator. This will save you time when cleaning your Sedona Express.

The Sedona Express features a Clear Glass DoorGlass Door
The Sedona Express has a see-thru glass door so you can check on the progress of your dehydration job without opening the appliance.


What is a non stick dehydrator sheet?

Non-stick sheets are solid sheets, unlike the stainless steel trays that are included with the dehydrator.   They are washable and re-useable.

They are used for dehydrating liquids (such as blended fruits- to make fruit roll-ups)  or really sticky/gooey items that  would normally drip through the mesh sheets that are included with the dehydrator.   They are also required for making THIN sprouted essene breads and crackers.   We recommend the silicone sheets which are the best value and release the best for the price.

Order Non Stick Sheets

Reusable PP Drying Sheet
The reusable Polypropylene drying sheets are food safe, BPA-free, teflon free, flexible and easy to use.  Use with the Sedona Express trays to create a flat non-stick surface for your favorite dehydrated recipes, like fruit leathers and raw cookies.

Qty Set of 3 Sedona Express PP Drying Sheets $16.60
(Only $5.53 each sheet)

Reusable Silicone Drying Sheet
From fruit leather to raw cookies, the reusable silicone drying sheet is food safe, BPA free, teflon free, and can be used as a flat non-stick surface to create your favorite dried recipes inside the Sedona Express.  It's flexible and easy to use. 

Qty Set of 3 Sedona Express Silicone Drying Sheets  $11.35
(Only $3.78 each sheet)

Reusable Non-stick PTFE Drying Sheet
The reusable non-stick drying sheets are food safe, BPA-free, flexible and easy to use.  Use with the Sedona trays to create a flat non-stick surface for your favorite dehydrated recipes, like fruit leathers and raw cookies.

Qty Set of 3 Sedona Express PTFE Drying Sheets  $17.25
(Only $5.75 each sheet)

We are a tribest Authorized Dealer is an Authorized Dealer for all Tribest products.  Tribest products purchased from an authorized retailer includes FULL warranty protection (10 Years on the Sedona Express). Purchases from a non-authorized retailer may NOT be eligible for warranty protection.   Be sure to purchase from a known Authorized Retailer to ensure your warranty protection benefit.

The SedonaExpress ncludes a Two Stage Dehydration TemperatureNEW TST Feature
The Sedona Express includes  TST into its features. Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer (TST), even more control is at your fingertips. The TST allows you to set the Sedona Express to kickstart the dehydration process at a higher temperature and then automatically lower the temperature to finish off the dehydration process. The automatic settings of the TST reduces dehydration times while still preserving precious enzymes and nutrients in the food.

 The Sedona Express Washable Air FilterWashable and Removable Air Filter
The built-in air  filter is your assurance that the air that comes in contact with your food is dust and debris free.

The Sedona Express 7 inch fanPowerful Central Fan
The workhorse of any dehydrator is the fan that pushes the warm air to gently remove the water from the food you are dehydrating.  The Sedona Express now features a 7 inch diameter single fan that will put your food in a dehydration wind tunnel!

The Sedona Express recipe BookletRecipe Booklet
The Sedona Express includes a recipe booklet that allows you to start making delicious home-made dehydrated foods from the day you get the dehydrator.  From Onion rings, to Kale Chips you and your family will be eating healthier in no time!  

The Sedona Express Food Dehydrator is engineered to last.  The 10 year warranty is your guarantee  that your dehydrator will provide you a decade of trouble-free service.

Tribest have been offering products for healthy lifestyles for over 25 years.  The Sedona Express dehydrator is their latest product that allows you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The control panel on the dehydrator allows you to set the temperature inside the unit as well manage the digital countdown timer that will automatically turn off your dehydrator when it is done.  The controls are:

  • POWER Switch - turn the unit off an on.
  • F/C Button - Display temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • TEMP window - Shows the temperature you set
  • TIMER window - Shows the number of hours left on the count-down timer or will show you the hours you set on the timer.
  • SET button - Enables you to set the temperature or time.
  • UP/DOWN button - for setting the temperature or timer
  • MODE button - allows you to select FAST or RAW or COMBO mode.  
  • START/PAUSE button - Used to start or pause operation. 

Items included:

  • Sedona Express Dehydrator
  • 11 Stainless Steel Tray
  • Stainless Steel Drip Tray
  • Extra Air Filter
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Operation Manual
  • Recipe Booklet


  • 11 Stainless Steel Dehydrating Trays
  • 1 Closed Crumb Catch Tray
  • Compact Design to fit any kitchen
  • TST (Two-Stage Sequential Temperature-Timer) feature for faster dehydration
  • All-Digital Controls & Display
  • Max Temperature of 167 Degrees F
  • Washable and Reusable Air Filter
  • Powerful 7" Central Fan
  • Quiet - Tested at only 45 decibels
  • Continuous Operation Mode
  • Glass Hinged Door for Easy Monitoring and Insertion/Extraction of Trays
  • Internal Energy Saving LED light
  • Quiet Operation
  • Non-Flammable V0 Plastic Body
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • 13" x 10" tray size
  • 77 Degrees F Min Temperature
  • 167 Degrees F Max Temperature
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Single 7" Fan
  • 1" space between trays
  • 2 Stage Dehydration
  • Built in Timer 1 to 99 Hours or Continuous
  • Horizontal Air Flow
  • Tested at 45 Decibels
  • 120 Volts 60 Hz 470 Watts
  • 12.25" Wide x 14.5" High x 17.75" Deep
  • Model SD-6780

Sedona Express Logo

Please note: We recommend this dehydrator for people who want to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, nuts and meats for jerky because the maximum temperature is 167 degrees.  The USDA recommends meats be dehydrated at 160-165 degrees to minimize the risk of food borne illness. Most other dehydrators fail to reach this temperature and the meat requires pre-cooking before dehydration. 
Need further information about this product?  Click here to view the manual or instructions for this item.

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